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Hire Me If You Need A Freelance Blog Writer Or Want To Guest Blog On Ink And Pen’s Blog -Rapport Naija?

Hello, I offer services such as ‘Starting a blog consultation’, ‘Freelance blogging and writing’, and accept sponsored a guest post or blog & can also interview you’.

You can hire me directly on here by contacting me on or visit my Fiverr Gigs to place an order. I can receive payment via PayPal and Payoneer.

I offer these affordable services;

1. Freelance Blogging and Writing

Maybe you have a blog but you can’t get to write because you are busy, you can hire me to do the writings for you. I have professional skills in writing for the web. I can write a well SEO optimized article that will be engaging to your readers. I carry out proper research before doing my writings. The niches in which I can write on is Health, beauty and self-care, parenting, self-improvement, news, and entertainment blog, and so much more. For 500 words articles, I charge $5.

“A specialized writer at your service determined to provide you quality content. My determination is to constantly deliver quality work.

I will write a 500 word blog or article. I can write proficiently on diverse subjects, ranging from sports, technology, health, and fitness, entertainment, lifestyle, real estate, parenting, world news etc.

I reserve the right to decline any order that does not fit my moral beliefs.

My content will be unmatched in quality, interesting to read, and free from plagiarism. I am a fluent English speaker with inspired writing skills.

I will deliver your order in 5 days maximum. For perks, please see my gig extras.

I am certain that you will have a good working experience with me. Email me for any queries.

Looking forward to writing for you”

2. Accept Guest Blogging/Posts on RapportNaija, and Grant Interviews

If you are a site owner and you need quality back link from to your blog, you can either guest blog on my blog or have yourself interviewed where you can showcase what your blog is all about with a solid backlink to your site. The core advantage of this service is that I do not only have your guest post/interview published on the blog, I share on various platforms like high ranking forums, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Medium. I also get to bookmark on Viral Content Bee (Buzz) where many users globally will have the chance to share to their various followers. Depending on your site, guest blogging charges start at $50 (negotiable). a fast-rising blog meant to help you reach a wider audience with your work on anything.

I have a major audience base in Nigeria, which is the most populated African Nation, fondly called the Giant of Africa, and also other bases across the world.

I will email you five – ten questions and post your written replies after been polished, along with TWO backlinks to your websites and FIVE images of you and/or your products.
And much more...

I will translate the interview from any language to English
Interview in English = 5%

I do not accept adult-oriented/pornographic contents, please sorry. And I reserve the right not to accept requests that do not conform to the contents of my blog – Tech, Gambling/Predictions.

I accept motivational, self-improvement, health tips, love & relationship, lifestyle, cultural stuff etc. “

You can check out a sample of a sponsored post on my blog here: 

3. Start a blog and SEO consultancy

You can hire me for consultation in starting a new blog and search engine optimization for your existing blogs. I have blogging experience of over 2 years and I know what works and do not. I can guide you through many processes that would speed up your blog to quick success. For a new blog, you get to learn about the available platforms, where to start, how to write for the web, basics of blogging and so much more. May be you are an existing blogger or a small business owner who just started a blog, for your site’s SEO, we do an audit of your blog/site and find ways we can improve till you are visible online.

If you are up for it, shoot me an offer, I am available 24/7. Looking forward to working with you.

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