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GoDaddy Domain: How I Messed Up And Fixed My Blogspot New Custom Domain

Are you still using a free Google Blogspot (e.g. domain? If you want to look more professional, then you need to purchase a new custom domain (e.g. or, etc.). Buying a new domain is as easy as ABC, but I messed up my new GoDaddy domain setup with my Blogspot, and I am going to share it in this blog post maybe it will help others too.
Do you need the cheapest domains?
If you need a new custom domain, I would personally recommend GoDaddy because of the promo for the first year (for new customers) where you can purchase a new domain for less than $0.99. There are some other domain registrars who offer new domains as cheap as $0.99 for the first year. 1and1 is one of the cheapest too, but according to the online reviews, their personal support is close to zero so I would not advise that. Another viable cheapest domain registrars are NameCheap. They have cheap TLDs like .press, .men, .shopping, etc., for less than $0.99.
If yo…

Microsoft To Stop Support And Development Of Its Paint Software

Microsoft will be releasing the long-awaited Fall Creators Edition of Windows 10, later this year, and it has listed Paint as "deprecated" in a hidden page in the nether region of its website, as of the release of the Fall Creator Edition.
According to the company, the word ‘Deprecation’ means that Microsoft does not intend to throw any more resources at developing or maintaining the program, essentially putting it on death row. Oh No! Did I hear you say that? Well, we know it’s hard to deny the importance of the program as many users’ first interaction with creating images on a computer. Though the paint is dead, at least the Microsoft Fall Creator Edition will come with a significant huge update that will make your computer work faster and smarter.
We all know that Microsoft paint is as old as windows, it came along windows 1.0 way back in 1985, and since then users have grown to embrace the limited set of features the image editor had to offer. Now, it is the end of the roa…

9mobile (Etisalat) New Latest List Of Data Plans Subscription Codes And Prices 2017

Hello, Internet lovers, I know you have to browse the internet, and you Etisalat (now 9Mobile) users would be looking for the best deals since Etisalat changed brand.
We all know that 9mobile is one among the fastest internet network in Nigeria. 9mobile has all types of data plans that will suit your needs like daily, weekly, monthly plans, night and weekend plans.
In any case, it can be used on Modem, game console, PC, windows, iPod, smartphones iPad iOS, Android and many other devices that can connect to the internet.
Here are the latest Etisalat (9mobile) Data Plans, Validity Period And Subscription Codes for 2017
Daily Data Plans
1. 10MB For 50Naira- *229*3*8# or send MI3 to 229- 1day
2. 40MB For 100Naira- *229*3*1# or send MI1 to 229- 1day

Weekly Plans
3. 150MB For 200Naira- *229*2*10# or send LCD to 229- 7days

Monthly Data Plans
4. 500MB For 500Naira- *229*2*12# or send LCD2 to 229- 30days
5. 1GB For 1000Naira- *229*2*7#- 30days
6. 1.5GB For 1,200Naira- *229*2*25# or send AND11 TO 229 (30da…

Beware: Bitcoin Traders, Service Disruption Expected To Occur Anytime From Now To August 1st

***Potential Bitcoin Network Disruption
***There is a chance a milder level of disruption could start between now and Tue Aug 01 2017
Are you one of those who trade online with Bitcoins? Do you make or receive payments in Bitcoins? Do you exchange Amazon or iTunes giftcards for Bitcoins and the sell for local cash?
It appears there is an announcement that could change the course of how the cyptocurrency platform works.
This statement has been made since 12 July 2017. 
The full statement reads:
"Chain split
Since Bitcoin’s inception, its network has facilitated hundreds of millions of transactions. As a result, different groups of people (developers, investors, entrepreneurs, etc.), have debated on the best ways Bitcoin can be optimized to allow it to exponentially scale even further. In recent months, alternative software has been released that represents some of the interests of the aforementioned groups of people - software that is scheduled to go live toward the end of July.
The Bitco…

Meet The Japanese Software Engineer, Shigetaka Kurita, That First Created Emojis In 1999

Yesterday, July 17, is celebrated globally as the 'World Emoji Day' and according to statistics, over 6 billion emojis are sent on a daily basis, with over 90% of the world's online community making regular use of them which makes Emojis one of Japan's greatest-ever exports. We reported that Mark Zuckerberg revealed the trend of Emojis on Facebook.
The first ever set of original 176 emojis was designed by Tokyo-based software engineer, Shigetaka Kurita in 1999. Kurita's original emojis, licensed to the MoMA by NTT DoCoMo, now sit alongside works by Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock.In the late 1990s, Kurita working for NTT DoCoMo, one of the largest Japanese mobile telephone operators was involved in the development of the world's first commercial, mobile-specific internet browser system. Given display limitations in early Japanese smart phone screens, Kurita decided to develop pictograms to make displaying information more effective. Taking their name from the …

World Emoji Day: Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Most Used Emoji And Countries Who Use Them Most On Facebook

Today marks the World Emoji day. Emojis are ideograms and smileys used in electronic (chat) messages and Web pages. Emojis are used much like emoticons and exist in various forms. 
Mark Zuckerberg on his personal Facebook page shared an infographic showing the emojis that are popular on Facebook and the countries in which they are mostly used. USA, Mexico, Brazil, and many parts of Europe all use emojis as evident on the infographic. 
See the Emojis Trends on Facebook infographic below:

India and Nigeria, Africa which has a lot of Facebook users are surprisingly missing from the list of countries. This could only mean people from the most populous Asian nation, Indians and Africans do not enjoy using emoji when chatting online. 

P.S: Last year, Mark Zuckerberg did a "read a book a month challenge". This year, he and his wife are doing a "travel to new places challenge". Why is he able to do this at a very young age? Because he didn't settle for 9-5 Monday to Friday…

See Prices And Subscription Codes Of New Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

July 2017: Have you been waiting for Airtel to announce their new unlimited data packages? It appears the Telecoms company launched it silently on a low key. Now you can browse till mama calls.   
Airtel Nigeria has earlier touted unlimited data plans, and now, they have launched it on the low, without too much furor on it.
The Unlimited package comes in three different packages, which means you can choose anyone that suits you best.

Airtel Unlimited Data Packages
You can dial *141# and follow the prompts or alternatively use the following codes below;
- N10,000 Unlimited Packages / Validity is 30 days.
- N15,000 Unlimited Packages / Validity is 30 days .
- N20,000 Unlimited Packages / Validity is 30 days .

How To Activate Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

1. For N10,000 Unlimited Packages, dial *471#
2. For N15,000 Unlimited Packages, dial *463# 
3. For N20,000 Unlimited Packages, dial *351# 
Well, I don't know why there are different prices for the plans which all have 30 days validity. Or, is it…

Get Up To 1GB Free Data On MTN MyApp 100MB Giveaway

Free Internet From MTN: MTN Nigeria surprised its loyal customers with a free myApp data giveaway which will only be valid for 3 days. 
The one time 100MB (or 150MB for others) is offered to customers to enable them to download and install the new MTN myApp self-care app.  The interesting thing is that this data powers all the app on your device and can be used to browse, download and stream music and video online. 
Note that this is not a free internet cheat or trick. It was legitimately introduced by MTN Nigeria network and you can accumulate the data up to the tune of 1GB. Not only can you use the app to power all other apps, you can also accumulate the data allowance. 
How to Get MTN myApp Free 100MB data
1. Use preferably a sim without any data subscription (It works on a sim with current data subs too). Text "myApp" to "131" 
2. If you are eligible, you will receive a success message as shown below: 

3. To Check MTN myApp data balance, dial *559*4#.
4. If you get an…

5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start A Blog

What's up? Are you looking to start a blog? 
You must have heard blogging is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online. 
You must have heard a little information about how selling adverts spaces on blogs gather a lot of revenue for site owners.
Maybe you saw one blogger brag about how much money they make from Google AdSense, Infolinks, Content.Ad,, Pop Ads, and many other Ads services.
Or was it the many affiliate marketing opportunities you learned about? Click bank, Amazon, and a host of many others? 
Maybe you don't even want to start a blog to make money. Maybe you just want to be heard. 
Or you want to set up a blog to make it serve as your portfolio for the professional services you offer.
The good thing is that a blog can serve many purposes. Many big brands and large companies now have blog sections on their websites and platforms. Brands like HubSpot, MOZ, Google, Yahoo, PayPal, Payoneer, e.t.c, now have blogs where they use it to get closer to thei…

YouTube Introduces Thumbnail Previews For Videos

YouTube has at newly added thumbnail previews on its desktop platform. Users of the popular online video streaming media can now hover their mouse on any video thumbnail on the website to get a 3-second preview of the clip contents. Actually, this is still restricted to a few certain browsers like Chrome and Opera, and not yet available for mobile users.
The absence of thumbnail previews made it challenging to glance through the content of the video without clicking it, yet some video sites have been making use of this technology for years now. Some content creators have been taking advantage of this YouTube weakness to exaggerate or over-hyped their videos with unrelated thumbnail images, thus attracting viewers to clicking on it.
Now, with the thumbnail preview, users can quickly scan through the video to see if it is what they are actually looking for before clicking.
Regrettably, this perhaps won't stop the click baiters for long. Checking the last line in YouTube's support …

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